Hariom Tech's integrated solution delivery process assists customers in meeting their strategic, operational, and financial objectives. Hariom goes beyond simply supplying items by giving full procurement solutions.

Throughout our partnership, we have adapted to the changing dynamics of the industry and the evolving needs. Whether it's embracing digital solutions for procurement management or responding to shifts in market conditions, our commitment to agility and innovation has been unwavering.

Association with Zanvar Group

We take pride in stating that we are an integral part of Zanvar Group of Industries and handling their centralized procurement activities by providing services since last 15+ years.

The group was established in 1982 by a great visionary and founder Late Shri Rampratap Zanvar with 1st foundry unit “Shriram Foundry Pvt. Ltd.” in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Zanvar Group of Industries, is India’s top-most and well-known foundry and machining company for its outstanding manufacturing capabilities of quality castings in India.

Now Zanvar Group of Industries are having 06 ultra-modern foundries supported by state of the art 10 machining plants. The present manufacturing capacity of the Group is 14,000 tons per month. Zanvar Group is playing a vital role as a backbone for casting needs from all major automotive, agriculture, construction, power generation, heavy industry and other engineering application industries in India as well as Europe, Germany and Asia.

Zanvar Group with more than three decades of contribution to the Indian foundry industry, with vast experience and outstanding technical capabilities is now enumerated in India’s top foundries.

Optimized work processes

We are using a centralised ERP platform powered by Zanvar Group IT Wing with Technology driven paperless procurement practices. This integrated ERP system is catering all the customers’ requirements right from material indenting up to its dispatch. Follow up of all the enquiries and orders as well as their execution status is tracked with the help of this system.
Elevate Your Procurement Experience with Hariom's Total Solutions

In September 1991, the journey of our business officially began, focusing primarily on the printing and consumables sector. At that time, the business landscape was considerably different from what it is today. Our consistent ability to deliver on our commitments, provide cost-effective solutions, and ensure the highest quality standards has strengthened this partnership over time.

Wide Selection
Fast Delivery

Starting in the year 2006, Hariom Enterprises and its affiliated companies underwent a significant transformation, transitioning from their previous focus on IT consumables into becoming prominent suppliers of industrial materials and comprehensive solutions providers. This shift in our business strategy marked a pivotal moment in our company's evolution, as we ventured into a broader spectrum of industries and embraced a new role as providers of essential industrial products and services.

One of the cornerstones of our business philosophy has been the unwavering dedication to maintaining total transparency and openness in all our interactions with customers. We firmly believe in conducting our business with integrity and trustworthiness, ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of the products, services, and solutions they receive from us. This transparency has not only helped us foster strong and enduring relationships with our clients but has also contributed significantly to our reputation in the industry.

Our journey from being IT consumables traders to becoming leading suppliers of industrial materials has been marked by continuous growth, adaptation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We take pride in the role we play in supporting various industries with the high-quality products and solutions they need to thrive and succeed.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to expanding our offerings, staying at the forefront of industry trends, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. Our dedication to transparency, product quality, and customer satisfaction will continue to be the driving forces behind our success as we strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients in an ever-changing business landscape.

HariOm Tech’s unified approach to solutions delivery helps the Customers to achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives. Hariom is not just limited to supplying products but also provides integrated purchase solutions. We are covering more than 40,000 engineering products as well as other items required for smooth working of Foundries, Machine Shops and their allied offices. We are engaged in all types of foundry industry requisites and industrial materials typically used for auto component ancillary industries having high precision machining capabilities. 

Our business group comprises four distinct and dynamic companies, each with its unique focus and expertise. These companies have
been carefully nurtured and developed to cater to a wide spectrum of industries and customer needs. While each entity operates
independently, they all share a common commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This diversified
approach allows us to offer a comprehensive range of products and services, ensuring that we can meet the evolving demands
of our clients across various sectors.
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