A high-performance tooling solution is a specialized service offered by companies that excel in the design, production, and implementation of tools and equipment used in various industries. These tools are typically used for manufacturing processes, and their efficiency and precision are critical to achieving optimal results in terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

A team of 15 highly experienced technical experts forms the backbone of a high-performance tooling solution provider. These professionals bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise to the table.


Currently, we utilize cutting-edge carbide inserts and are dedicated to enhancing productivity with the latest ceramic and CBN inserts.


Formerly using HSS E taps, we're now committed to enhancing productivity while reducing costs with PM and carbide tap solutions. Discovering the smarter way for taps to achieve improved efficiency

Solid Carbide Drills

As we are solid carbide drill manufacturing, we're now venturing beyond our in-house capabilities to explore high-parameter drill solutions that redefine precision and performance as well as solid carbide rods

Insert Tool Holders

We are using BT40 and BT50 adaptors, along with cutting-edge HydroGrip and shrink-fit technologies, to ensure superior tool holding precision.

Reamers / Endmills

we are using expandable reamers where we are focusing on high paramters.